Your FREE Two-Pager Salon Phone Greetings Cheat Sheet!

Autocollant_telephone_PISY03.pngMaster Your Salon Phone Greetings! 

Challenges never cease to arise when managing a business. Salon voicemails and hold the line greetings are an unmissable opportunity from a marketing point of view.

Make sure they're working FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Did you know that Phorest Salon Software has a full Social Media & Marketing Suite?

Facebook & Twitter
  • Take bookings through your Facebook page.
  • Automatically get clients to review their treatments out-of-five and leave a comment.
  • Increase referrals when clients post positive reviews on their Facebook page to hundreds of connections.
SMS & Email
  • Contact details
  • Cut no-shows by 70% with auto appointment reminder texts.
  • Send automated thank you emails and get reviews on your treatments. 
  • Target clients by age, gender, profession or any category you create for email or SMS
    e.g. clients that haven’t been in six months.
Since introducing Phorest into my business we have seen a sharp increase in productivity and turnover, allowing all of our locations to work simultaneously for easier, remote management. Phorest has been an invaluable introduction to my business!

Louise Caithness Zest Skin Spa

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