The Salon Paperless For A Day Pledge


Thursday, October 24th

Brought To You By Phorest Salon Software

Did you know that, on average, 300 billion paper receipts are printed each year? That is the equivalent of 25 million trees 😱

It’s time that our industry took a stand!

On Thursday, October 24th, we invite salons from all around the world to go Paperless For The Day! 

Ditch the paper receipts 🧾
Say good bye to the disposable coffee cups Coffee_S003

Instead, let's embrace the power of one and do our part for the environment! 

Simply fill out this pledge form below and you will receive a special media pack to help you with your 24-hour paperless goal (and even promote your brand as being eco-conscious).

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Not just good for the Environment...
It's great for your Profits as well!

Going paperless doesn’t just benefit the trees, either. It also helps build your client database! By emailing digital receipts, you are collecting contact details that you can use in your marketing at a later date -- Helping you boost your client retention rates!

So join us and pledge to give our planet a much needed break! Pledge to go paper-free for the day.

Let’s Grow… Sustainably!

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