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How To Handle Difficult Salon Staff

Valerie Delforge is back with one of the trickiest issues facing all salon owners: Difficult Staff!

Every single salon owner and manager has struggled with this issue. We are pleased to say that Valerie has the answer. 

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In This Webinar, You Will Go Through:

  • Creating a plan to deal with difficult staff members
  • Staff meeting 101
  • Building the process to ensure we don't have critical staff issues
"Phorest was easy to deal with from the word go - down to earth, understanding, and trustworthy. I suffer from learning disabilities and Phorest staff are so patient with me and really help me to understand anything I need. They are right there for me even down to the stupid things like how do I open something. This was a big step for me and Phorest made it so easy. I love it and to know I have it makes me proud."

Kala Hale, Owner, Alak Health and Beauty

"I have used many software systems in my years of being in this industry and would never choose to go to any other company now. The system itself is amazing from ease of use for the end user to the simplicity of the set up that no other company can offer. The support that you get from being with Phorest is second to none and nothing is ever too much trouble for the whole team at Phorest!"

Simone Stamps, Director, The Hena Group Ltd