Watch The Phorest Academy's Salon Retail Masterclass Video:

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We are thrilled to give you exclusive access to our Phorest Academy Salon Retail Masterclass Recording, presented by Zoé Bélisle-Springer. Hope you enjoy!

In this Phorest Academy Salon Retail Webinar, we shall be going through these 4 crucial areas:

  • Understanding The Importance Of Selling Retail
  • Ways To Shape A Retailing Culture In Your Salon
  • The Different Retail Marketing Avenues Available
  • The Massive Opportunity That Is Social Media
Since introducing Phorest into my business we have seen a sharp increase in productivity and turnover, allowing all of our locations to work simultaneously for easier, remote management. Phorest has been an invaluable introduction to my business!

Louise Caithness Zest Skin Spa

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